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Any man who says he’s not looked at a 20 year old woman and had sexual thoughts is probably a liar, or maybe he prefers other men. Anyway I’ve been asked to write about my views on men my own age, and older guys.

I’m 20, and up ‘til recently, I dated guys around my own age. 18 and 19 year old guys were always the ones I’d go for because they were the ones who were around, at work and in social situations, mostly people would be around the same age.

It’s wrong to say that I never enjoyed sex, but it wasn’t explosive or anything hugely special for me. Of course I had fun, and yes, I could cum, usually with the help of clitoral stimulation though, not just with a cock inside me but it was never something that sent me to the moon, at best it was just.. nice.

My first older man was only last year, I wouldn’t have noticed him out in a pub or a club, but he came to setup a new integrated ecommerce system which linked all our computers and our stock control system to our website and warehouse systems, clever stuff. He was in our building for a month installing and setting up the system, implementing it so everything talked nicely to each other. He must have been in his mid to late 40s but he certainly looked after himself. I did find out later that he started most of his days at the gym, said it gave him the kick start and energy levels he needed for the day.

I was working pretty closely with him in the time he was there, and we did spend a few late afternoons in the office after everyone had gone home, and as we got on, we’d stop for a drink after we left the office occasionally.

It was when the project was finished and it was his last day, all the loose ends had been tied up and, once again it had got late before ether of us had finished our workload. There were a few work people in the bar near the office, all sitting in a raised area just off the main room. It was a Friday so some of them were fully intending to stay out and were already on a mission. We had a bite to eat and some drinks, the others dropped off one by one until we were left alone. He suggested a drink in his hotel bar, I went with him and as we were sitting in the stylish, modern bar I started looking at him differently. We’d got on well and worked well together, but we weren’t going to work together again so maybe it was ok to have naughty thoughts. During the next couple of hours, drank 2 bottles of wine, the flirting intensified and there was a lot of touching, I was as guilty as he was. We’d moved closer together so our legs were touching.

We went up to his hotel room. Horny? Call To Wank!
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Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

36p per minute

Down to the last couple of glasses, we took the rest up to his room. I’ve been in situations like this before so this was not a new experience for me, but only with guys a lot younger. This was different beacause everything was slower. He kissed me, deeply. There was a lot of pleasure in it, his lips were firm but soft and he used just the right amount of tongue to tease, not overwhelm. I felt his fingers run down my back as he kissed my neck. The teasing continued for longer than the entire thing last time I got some, and it was winding me up like a clockwork toy, my spring becoming tighter and tighter, ready to release all that energy at the right time.

He was in no rush to get me undressed, and I didn’t really notice it happening. Clothes would move slightly, bit-by-bit, exposing areas of my skin for his fingertips and lips to explore. I don’t quite know how he undressed me down to my underwear, but there I was, now lying sideways on the bed wearing just black knickers and a bra. I was pleased I’d chosen nice underwear that morning.

He was in no hurry to get to ‘the good bits’ which seemed unusual to me, I felt his fingers and lips tease my legs, working their way to my inner thighs. I arched my back a little, only half conscious of it. I felt fingertips on my skin, and the tip of his tongue, which felt so agile, trace the edge of my knickers, on ether side. After a few times he allowed his tongue to slip underneath the side of the black lacy panties slightly. I couldn’t help it, I let out a pleasurably moan. This build up had been both wonderful and frustrating and I was ready for a release now. He gently ran his fingers up my leg and pulled my panties to one side letting his tongue glide smoothly over my pussy, and over my swollen clitoris, letting the tip roll around and tease me. That was too much. I moaned loudly, leant forward and grabbed the outline of his cock through his trousers. It was so hard, I’d not even touched it yet. Sitting up again on the side of the bed, with him kneeling in front of me I grabbed his belt and started to un do it, he stood up as his trousers fell to the floor. His cock was so hard, I pulled the rest of his clothes off in a frenzy, the guy had turned me into a wild animal. I unhooked my bra as he finished taking his shirt off, then I pulled my panties down and kicked them off onto the floor.

An Older Guy Made Me Cum Like I've Never Cum Before.

I lay back on the bed, naked, and beaconed him. He pushed the tip of his hard cock against my pussy, I felt him slowly penetrate me and it sent waves of pleasure through me. He stopped and the next thing I know, his tongue was on my clit, rolling and teasing, then again, his cock, a little deeper. Shit, this was new, and good. He kept going, sinking that big cock a little deeper each time, until he went all the way, he was big, I’d never been so good with guys his size, but for the first time it felt really REALLY good.

I don’t have to tell you that this was the most pleasurable and intense sex I had ever had up till then. Younger guys seem way less patient, everything’s faster and harder with no variation, and I thought that was normal until I had some experience with older guys. My little encounter has certainly opened my eyes to the pleasures of sex that can be achieved, actually I’ve been able to get some fucking awesome orgasms with younger guys, just by taking control and telling them what to do, now I know what works on me, but if a hot older guy was talking to me in a social situation or whatever, instead of seeing nothing I would defiantly now see a potential awesome fuck coming my way.

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