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What Is Anililagnia?

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Looks weird doesn’t it, especially if I tell you that it’s a type of fetish. Sounds like it would be some bizarre kinky fetish but its actually one of the most common fetishes out there. Loads of people have Anililagnia, most men have had Anililagnia at one or two points in their lives at the very least, and many men experience it all the time, but what on earth is this fetish?.

If you have an Anililagnia fetish, it means that you have an attraction to a woman far older than yourself.

Anyone using google to search for pictures of MILF’s or even GILF’s have an Anililagnia fetish, as does everyone who’s looked at his friends mum and got a boner. Well this website is a good place for men with any kind of fetish, including a sexual desire for older women. We have all sorts of older women to talk to, and just because they are older, doesn’t mean they can’t do things to you sexually that wouldn’t make your eye pop out. If you’ve never had an older woman pleasure you then you’ve never lived. Most experienced ladies have far more sexual and body awareness than younger girls do, they know from experience which buttons to push and how to push them right. They probably know about some of your buttons that even you’ve never discovered.

Anililagnia is a really odd word for such a common, and completely understandable fetish. Who doesn’t find a sexy older woman attractive? There’s always that mystique surrounding older females, they are more reserved, somehow wiser, they are experienced and have lived life. How does that relate to what they can do to you and make you feel sexually? Of course that’s what you’d love to know, and you can find out by calling one of our more mature phone sex ladies for an intimate one on one chat. Imagine sharing in the deepest secrets of a more mature woman, you can talk over every sexy detail about her past erotic encounters. Talk about how she wants you to touch her, where she wants you to kiss and how to use your fingers to get her engine going. No doubt she’ll tell you exactly how she’s going to handle and caress your cock and balls, teasing you and enjoying the feeling of you getting harder.

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You’ll soon realise that the few years of extra experience goes a very long way indeed when you hear the kinds of things these women talk about and the ways in which they want to touch and excite you. When you get on to talking about the actual sex, your senses will be overloaded by how good an older woman can make you feel. These women know exactly what they are doing, you’ll never feel frustrated or as if you are being teased with these women because they know when to tease, and exactly when to step things up a gear, they’ll never tease for too long like a younger woman might. They know that their experience will make you harder and enable you both to give each other a lot more pleasure.

When you call for phone sex with a more mature lady, you may not ever want to go back to the young ones. With age comes an intuition that you rarely find until you’ve clocked up a bit of life, and sex experience and you’ll know exactly where that intuition comes in handy when you are experiencing a phone fuck so intense that it’s better than any sex you’ve ever had so far. You’ll be blown away by what an older woman can do to you, the levels of sexual arousal and pleasure you’ll feel that you previously thought impossible. And if you didn’t have any fetishes before you had the best sexual experience of your life with an older lady, you know you have at least one afterworlds. You will truly be a member of the Anililagnia fetish club. A weird name for a fetish that most men have and every man should enjoy.

There's a lot of reasons for you to have a phone sex wank with an older lady...

Older women have all the moves and all the experience. If you want to talk about sex and how they like it, what they have done in the past and you want to be spared no detail, you need a woman with some experience and maturity in that department. With our expert sex line women, you'll have an amazing wank - it will be totally out of this world and you'll definatly enjoy the benifits of an older lady beacause she will know exactly which buttons to press. Its likely that your older phone sex girl will be open to pretty much any depraved sex act you can think of, including a few that you can't.

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