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What sort of dirty fetish do you have? There’s no need to be nervous about what turns you on, far better to explore it with a like-minded person and enjoy it. Now, the fetish doesn’t necessarily have to be dirty. We get guys who just want to wank off while we describe our feet to them. Some men love to have a girl rub his whole body with her feet, honestly there’s plenty of fun to be had there, try it with both of you naked and you’ll end up in some fun positions you wouldn’t have thought of getting into normally.

There are plenty of fun fetishes to explore and, the thing about it is, most of the time you don’t realize the heights of pleasure a particular thing can push you to. Most people I know were quite satisfied with their sex lives and the quality of orgasms they were getting before they discovered that special something to push things further.

Footware, Boots And Socks Fetish Line
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Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

36p per minute

I had a boyfriend for a short time who loved my gym socks. When I got in form working out, or came back from a run, I’d leave my trainers and socks for him in the bedroom and jump in the shower. I’d come out naked and wet, and he’d be lying on the bed, with a hard cock already, one of my socks on his face and the trainers close by. I used to rub the sock all over him and gag him with it while I rode his hard cock. To be honest, licking or sniffing his feet or socks would do very little to me, but the fact it did so much for him made it hot for both of us. That cock got so hard and the sex would be amazing so I guess our little routine worked our well for both of us.

That’s why I love talking to guys on the phone about these little fetishes and kinks they might have. I actually enjoy the extra pleasure the indulgence brings to people, that, and I’ve got a pretty active and creative imagination. I can help you turn a small sexual curiosity in to a fully formed fantasy scenario that you can enjoy. I don’t think I can list all the fetishes I’ve experimented with or been interested in, but I have tried some semi-public sex. It was in the stairwell outside my flat. In the building – but 20 other people live there as well and could have easily walked by and seen what we were doing. There was something urgent about getting what we both needed but something dangerously exciting about it all. I’d defiantly try that again, just for the buzz. Another little kinky experiment of mine involved dressing a partner up like a girl. Make up, bra, panties and all. She was a bad girl and I had to bend her over my knee to spank her before she got to have a fucking up the ass with my lubed up dildo. . lol. That guy was mad. But it was fun. It didn’t make me cum, but you don’t always have to cum to have lots of fun.

More Extreme Fetish Fantasies Are Catered For, With Our Pleasure ;-)

Of course there are more extreme fetishes. Pissing on each other and things like that. I would try it as I’ve often wondered what it would be like to just completely let all inhibition down and piss over someone. I think we’d better do it in the bathroom though. In fact I can see that being a lot of fun. The main thing is, we are ready and willing to talk about, and explore all these ideas, kinks and fetishes with you. If it ends up with us both masturbating together then we’ve done our job. There are plenty of things you may think of as shocking or just too extreme or rude. Let us be the judge of that because, I’m pretty sure we’ve done it before. Hair sucking (both men and women), playing with poo, throwing it like a monkey and leaping about like one as well. Sniffing someone’s ass like a dog, roleplaying as a baby and nanny. Our fetish phone calls range from the playful to the extreme, and we love them all.

The women on the dirty fetish line are on there because they are experienced and un-shockable. You, on the other hand may well be shocked because some of these girls, even though they sound sweet are positively nasty.

You’ll find that out when you call, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love every minute of it you kinky, horny fucker!!!!

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Calls cost 36p per minute plus network extras.

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