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So Much Fun Can Be Had In The Bathroom
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There are plenty of girls on our fetish line who would be more than happy to take their phones into the bathroom for you if you liked. If you prefer your women, talking dirty to you, sat on the toilet then this may be the line you need.

We know that as soon as you hear that sexy voice with the echo of the bathroom in the background you’ll get turned on, but what do you want to do next. Imagine that you’ve got through to a sexy sounding girl, you’ve found her on the fetish line so you know she’s going to be open to anything naughty you might think of, and you get her to take her wireless phone into the bathroom. If she needs to go, even better; she can pull up that sexy little skirt, pull down her tights and knickers so they are gathered around her ankles, and there she is, on the loo, exposed, and on the phone with you.

If she’s in the mood to pee then it might be fun to ask her to start. Maybe she can put her finger in the warm golden flow, letting her hand get wet. Some girls love the feeling they get from playing with their clits while peeing, perhaps this is something your phone sex girl will enjoy. Maybe she’s never thought of trying it before, if you suggest it you could be introducing her to something hot and sexy that she’s never tried before, it would be fun to be the guy on the end of the phone that gets to hear that reaction, especially if she really enjoys it.

As the golden stream comes to an end, she can lean back on the toilet and finger her self, more intensely as her back arches and she closes her eyes. Her pussy and hand is soaking wet with juices and piss. All the time she fingers that wet little pussy, you can be whispering encouraging and dirty words into her ear.

Maybe you’d like to be peeking through a crack in the door while she pees, her tights and panties clinging to her ankles and her skirt hoisted up. If you’re lucky and you get caught, she may just invite you into the bathroom to take a closer look. Perhaps you want to feel that warm stream on your finger before checking out that soaking wet pussy with your fingers, or even your tongue.

Phone Fuck A Peeing Girl On The Tiolet Right Now
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Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

36p per minute

Have you ever fucked a girl on the toilet just after she’s finished peeing? How about kneeling in front of her and taking out that hard cock, pull her panties and tights off her ankles so that you can spread those sexy long smooth legs apart as you move towards her, pulling her by her legs until the head of your penis is pressing against that wet pussy. A little push and she gasps as you slip inside her. Imagine how good it feels to be on your knees in font of the little bitch on the toilet, her legs wrapped around you as you fuck that wet little pussy hard, pushing deep inside her as she breathes, louder and louder, moaning with each stroke.

As things get more intense you have the whole bathroom as your playground, how about turning that shower on. As you fuck her on the toilet, take off her top so you can get a good look at that cute bra, unclip that and slowly let lt slip over her sexy tits, revealing two hard perky nipples, ripe for sucking on. Time to move the party into the shower. Let her lean against the wall as you detatch the shower head and get those tits nice and wet. Find some soap and get her all lathered up as well, nothing like a naked, wet and slippy slut in the shower for your entertainment. Make sure the shower is pumping water at a good pressure, and fire it up onto her pussy, she’ll squirm and moan as you do, there’s even enough room to bend her over. Imagine her hands resting on a tile shelf in the shower as you bend her over and push your cock inside her once again. Using the shower head in her back, ass and pussy until you find a sweet spot that makes her moan even more.

Coming Together In The Shower

When you’re close you can stop and get her on her knees, put the shower head back on the wall so you are both under the hot steamy water, fuck her mouth in the shower as she gags to take it all, this little fuck bitch doesn’t mind it a little rough, so you can grab her hair and fill that dirty little mouth with your cock as you both moan with pleasure. Look down and she’s fingering that little cunt as you fuck her face. You can feel her tongue eagerly lapping around your cock as its inside her mouth on each stroke.

Where do you want to cum? In her hot mouth, between her soapy tits? In her wet tight pussy? Maybe you can manage more than one? Or even all of her slutty holes, a girl like this will let you spunk anywhere you want. She’s 100% your freaky little sex puppet so you can use her cute little body as you like, she’ll enjoy it.

There’s so much fun you can have in the bathroom, as soon as you hear your sexy phone sex slut in there, the echo of the tiles, thought of her there, exposed for you to see you’ll realise that there’s a lot you can do, and with a bath and shower in the same room, you can get as messy as you like.

Use our kinky bathroom sex scenario to inspire your next phone sex call and you’ll have a wet, freaky time with your phone sex girl in the toilet.

Bathroom and Toilet Fantasies Can Be Played Out By Our Expert Fetish Girls
Call us : 0909 860 8734

Calls cost 36p per minute plus network extras.

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