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There are some days when you just carry a tension around with you all day. You’re concentration is easily disrupted, you find yourself checking out members of the opposite sex and experiencing those feelings a lot more than usual. It can sometimes actually be a pain in the ass.

It may surprise you to know that this is a problem for women as well as men however, as with many problems, it can be turned into a good thing. Ok, women have an advantage here, I’ve got away with masturbating in public a few times when I’ve needed to. I’ve actually sat in a busy office, coffee in one hand and the other hand down the front of my skirt and knickers, my coat over my lap. I was having one of those days you see, there was a physical thing in me that needed a release. Of course, if there had been a willing party, I’m not averse to sneaking into a toilet cubical or cupboard (as long as we can somehow lock it).

But today, I just needed to cum fast and hard. I actually phoned a friend, we have been good friends for a long time, and he’s ‘helped me out’ before when I was going through a dry spell and fed up with the idiots you generally meet when you go out to pubs and clubs. Ade, and I know we aren’t interested in having a relationship beyond the occasional physical action. Ade is bi, and actually mostly prefers other men, that is to say, he enjoys the pleasure that can be shared with a woman, but for a long term, meaningful relationship he’d always go for a guy. I think everyone needs a fuck buddy they are truly comfortable with, in most cases, one participant in the fuck buddy arrangement wants more and it always causes issues and drama so I know I’m pretty lucky to still be great friends with Ade.

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Dial 0909 860 9881
Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

36p per minute


Ok, so I’m going to sound like a slut now, but I needed some quickie phone sex to help me with my situation – I wasn’t going to be satisfied doing this thing solo, not in the mood I was today – I called Ade and asked him what he was doing. He had worked a late shift and had the morning off, so he was at home, still in bed. Perfect. ‘Still got some morning wood?’, I asked. ‘Yeah… it doesn’t go until I get out of bed and crawl to the shower’. I told him I was at work, my coat over my lap and my hand down the front of my knickers. I knew that had him reaching for that cock. As I listened to Ade sounding more and more as if he was getting quite excited, I fixated on the electrician that had been in the office all morning, reaching up into the false ceiling running cables above it. He defiantly worked out, wearing a tight white T with his companies logo on the front and some jeans with a tool belt. Muscular arms reached up into the celling, pulling lengths of cable through to the next section and well toned abs were obvious thought the T-shirt as he stretched to reach the cables.

OK – so my mind quickly put him in a 3some with Ade and myself. I started describing the electrician to Ade, then told him that, in my mind we were together, all 3 of us. This was very exciting to Ade, he made that obvious. I was at this point running my finger fast around my clit. When I was close I started inserting two fingers into my web pussy, using my thumb to apply pressure and some movement to my clit. Oh My Fucking God. That’s all it took – Ade heard me breathing faster and I let out a little gasp. He knew I’d cum and he moaned loudly. I heard him beating that cock and I could tell it was shooting. I shuddered with the after shocks of an amazing orgasm, trying so hard to keep my poker face. No one was looking at me, they may have worked it out if they had been.

The release, focus back, relaxation and balance back, the ability to actually feel normal and get on with my day with an amazing warm, satisfied feeling. Amazing. There is certainly a lot to be said for a quick release, for women and men.

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