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Does it seem too good to be true, women who are always craving a good fucking but don’t want anything else in terms of commitment or favors. It seems like there’s always a catch to sex. Those lucky enough to find themselves in a ‘fuck buddy’ situation often discover that one party ends up wanting more and resenting the situation and the other person, especially if one or both of you are dating others at the same time. Casual relationships rarely last without one person requiring more commitment, then there’s the other end of the spectrum where girls want meaningless sex, but only if you look like Taylor Lautner and have lots of money and a nice car.

So, are there really women who want sex with no strings? Yes. Some of them are here right now as I write this. OK, maybe there are some strings, you’ve got to make me cum, and if I get on my knees, take your cock into my mouth, work my tongue and lips all around your cock while my hand massages the base of your shaft and gently cups your balls, I want my turn when you’ve had yours. There are plenty of women who enjoy sex for the pleasure it gives and don’t feel the need to use sex to get things, status, respect or a long term commitment. Those women are doomed anyway beacause if they have to trap a man with sex and sex alone, its never going to end well in the long run is it.

Sex is to be enjoyed, and sometimes even girls are alone, thinking of how to quickly get some strange to fuck them senseless and then fuck off. That’s the thing, no commitments, no guilt trips when the one doesn’t call or message the other for a few weeks or even a few months. That’s a true no strings fuck arrangement and women still want it.

You might have guessed that a lot of the women who are hear to take your calls are the same sorts of women who like no strings action. It should’t be suprising really if you think about it. These girls look forward to random horny guys calling them up, most of the time they allow themselves to get horny and play with a complete stranger ‘til you both cum. Of course these are the sorts of women who would look for a good fucking with no strings.

Its All About The Sexual Pleasure With These Girls.
0909 860 3205

Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

36p per minute

It is all about the sexual pleasure and the need for sexual releaf. Girls have a build up as well you know, if we don’t get any for a while we can feel it – building up. Just ‘cos we don’t have balls to get swollen doesn’t mean the sex juices can’t start to build up and cause issues.

19th centry doctors actually invented dildos, not for sexual pleasure but to use on women suffereing from ‘hysteria’, an ailment that we now recognize to be sexual frustration. Yes, doctors actually used to make women cum with their fingers when they complained of anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness, erotic fantasies, feelings of heaviness in the lower abdomen, and wetness between the leg. To save fatigue from giving countless women handjobs, Dr’s invented the dildo.

That should be as much proof as you need to back up my claim that women want no strings pleasure as well as men. We’ll be happy to provide pleasure to you when you call, and we can talk about the sluttiest one night stands we’ve ever had in great detail if you’d like. Or, we can just get together for a no strings, phone sex session, describing in sexy detail exactly how we are turning ourselves and each other on.

Phone Sex Means Pleasure With No Strings

If there was ever a true no strings fuck, it would be a phone sex fuck. With phone sex, you are both anonymous. You can be whoever you want to be and create any fantasy you wish. You are doing it for the pleasure and nothing more. When you cum, you can say goodbye and leave, knowing that you never have to speak with this person again. This is the definition of true no strings sex. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that phone sex is the only reliable way to get no strings sexual pleasure. Sex lines are the ultimate booty call. You feel horny, call and choose a girl to have fun with, and you’re talking to someone in her home, alone who is horny and wants to have fun who you’ve never spoken to before; When you think about it – its one of the most convenient and on demand ways to get sexual pleasure and cum with a woman. You don’t even have to leave your place.

Have some no strings sexual fun with our ladies right now. What you talk about is up to you, you can make suggestions to each other on how to touch and pleasure themselves, until things get really hot, or you can play out your sexiest fantasy with our very willing girls. There are so many ways we can give you pleasure, but you have to call first.

0909 860 3205

Calls cost 36p per minute plus network extras.

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