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Our fetish girls are back, and this time they want to talk about shoe fetishes. Lots hot blooded men like you find women’s feet, socks, stockings, tights and shoes sexy, you are defiantly not alone in this. It’s a shame that many guys feel the need to keep their urges secret, even when they are in long term, committed relationships, a man may resort to going through his wife’s laundry, seeking out socks she wore to the gym, or tights she wore on a night out. The pleasure of getting that scent in your nose and maybe even licking, then wrapping those tights around your cock then pulling slowly, enjoying the sensation is something that a lot of men enjoy but won’t talk about.

Some guys like freshly worked out in trainers, they love to have them near or on their faces as they rub their cock, some even like to taste the inner sole and really get that fresh foot sweat scent in their noses and mouths. A lot of men like the feeling they get rubbing shoes up against their cocks, especially when they are hard. Sexy high heeled shoes are a big turn on, for women and men. If a slinky, high heeled shoe can make a girl feel that much more sexy, then why shouldn’t it be a turn on for a guy? After all, its primal, the sweat, the hormones, the femininity of that cute pair of shoes.

If you are one of those who is in the closet so to speak about their shoe and feet related desires, then its about time you realised that you are perfectly normal, and, even though your wife or partner wouldn’t want you to know it, there are plenty of women who enjoy seeing a man get off on their shoes, feet and even knickers if you want to take it a little further.

We Love Shoe And Foot Foreplay Before A Wild Fuck
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Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

36p per minute

Shoe play can be an important part of foreplay and sex for the more adventurous, and we know that if it’s something you feel you can’t talk to anyone about, you’ll be desperate to have a conversation with a lady who’s into the same sort of thing. I happen to know that Amber, who occasionally pops up on our fetish lines as one of the available operators, has made guys sniff and lick her shoes during foreplay and sex, refusing to suck their cocks until they suck her feet and all sorts. Maybe they are hesitant at first, but once they are into it, even the most vanilla of guys will go crazy for that foot fetish action.

You really need to have a conversation with one of us on the cheap fetish line, for a start, the calls are only 36p per minute so you’ve got time to really explore your fantasies, and you know you’re in great hands with our fetish experts. These women don’t become experts and phone sex and hard core fetish chat for no reason, to be good at this sort of thing, you need to be enthusiastic about it, not to mention well practiced. Now you can take full advantage of that un-shockable nature, you can say anything to these women and instead of being shocked, embarrassed or judgmental, they’ll just remember the times they’ve done similar sorts of things and tell you, in graphic detail about it. No shame whatsoever, and you’ll soon find that speaking about these fetishes with a lady like that is extremely liberating. You are completely anonymous, nether of you know who the other is in real life, but you are both adults who want to go beyond the sexual normality that we’ve all been fenced in by at one point or another. 

Fetish Experts Available For Phone Sex – An Erotic and Liberating Experience.

Sexual liberation can truly be found by talking your previously bottled up desires through with someone who is truly open and like minded. Apart from the fact you are obviously going to be extremely turned on and experience an amazing orgasm during your call, you’ll most likely feel like a load has been lifted, in more ways than one, especially if you’ve never explored these feelings and desires before. If this is going to be your first time talking to anyone about a particular fetish or desire, then you’ll get even more out of it that anyone else. We can tell you, over and over again that you are not alone, and all sorts of kinky wants and fetish desires are normal and common, but you will only get that feeling of validation from having fun with another person, and talking through these things. If you feel in any way isolated, or that you are abnormal or somehow alone with your sexual desires or preferences, or that you feel that you can’t talk to anyone about the one thing that will make you feel great, then it will defiantly help you a lot to call and talk to one of our great phone sex girls. You are in extremely competent hands, these women are professionals and they are good at what they do, giving pleasure and exploring fantasy scenarios with hot and horny guys like you.

We know that you are in the mood for some fun while reading this. Perhaps you are already hard or at least getting there. Let us take over and get you all the way to where you need to be.

Shoes, Feet, Stockings, Tights. Call our fetish line and let our kinky girls help play out your fantasies.
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Calls cost 36p per minute plus network extras.

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