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Some guys love to hang out at strip clubs, or go to massage parlors, you know the ones, with the blacked out windows, down a side street. The girls you meet at these places are often a lot of fun, although you wouldn’t want to take them to your place of worship, or for a meal with your family. The fun is that these girls are dirty, they will literally do anything for you and to you, and let you do anything to them.

Any girl who advertises as an escort in a local free ads paper, or on the internet as doing outcalls in public places, or the back of a car and says she’ll do things like oral without (OWO), A levels and bareback plus cum in mouth (CIM) for some cheap price like £40 or £50 is defiantly a nasty slut who has no self respect whatsoever. Really, if you saw an advert like that you’d probably stay well away for many reasons, your own wellbeing one of the most compelling, however it’s the sort of girl with that kind of low self worth that can be a real pleasure giver, why? Because she will just give herself as a pleasure giving fuck toy, completely. To let several guys cum in her holes and on her face, and film it on their phones, you have to have daddy issues and be fucked up in all kinds of ways. It’s a shame in a way that a girl like that feels the need to engage in all sorts of depraved sexual acts to validate herself and make herself feel wanted or attractive, but saying that, horny guys need amusement so if these desperate sluts are willing, then you may as well take advantage of their willingness to please and satisfy.

Every man has a guilty desire for a slut with daddy issues, no self respect, or just a ‘fuck it’ mentality. Girls who have low self worth or just don’t care about what they are doing in life are perfect playthings for horny men who want some fun with a kinky fuck puppet who won’t ever say no.

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Calls Cost 36p Per Minute Plus Network Extras

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A lot of decent guys enjoy the fantasy of this kind of woman, but in reality, do you really want to go out and hang around seedy strip clubs and brothels? Most decent men, while loving the idea probably wouldn’t want to go through with booking a cheap nasty hooker, or taking home a stripper after her shift in exchange for money or whatever. Besides, you could run the risk of getting into all sorts of trouble with the law, her pimp or boyfriend, and if you’re really unlucky you could damage your health.

Avoid all this and get your fix of little sluts with no self worth from our nympho phone sex line. You get to talk dirty to sluts who don’t care what they do with their bodies; it’s all about pleasing you. These girls will let you do whatever you like to them, and they’ll do anything to you, no questions. This is filthy, no holds bared sex with a girl who will do everything. These are the kind of woman who will gladly strip at an all male party, sit in the bath and let every guy at the party stand over her and wank off. Sucking and jerking off 3 guys at a time, taking load after load of hot cum on her face, in her hair, over her slutty pert tits and, of course in her mouth, ass and pussy. Girls like this party hard and they don’t care how guys use them, they just want to give pleasure and feel like a cheap little whore.

Why do girls end up like this? Well, some may say this sort of slutty behavior is a result of past issues, desperation or just a result of that person giving up, but I know that some women just get kicks out of being complete slutty cum receptacles. Of course, there are plenty of walking daddy issues, many of whom would give a college psychology class 3 years worth of study material, but I do know of several well rounded, strong professional women who, when they party, don’t just love sex, but love to get completely used and dominated.

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Every guy secretly desires a total cum whore who does anything and everything. Of course it’s not practical to make one your girlfriend or wife, imagine the mess at the end of each night you have friends over, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these kind of women once in a while. Some lucky guys find themselves in a situation where they get to experience a cum slut first hand, for example, the 6 guys who work in the office with my friend Josie, half of them are married, and I don’t think most of them believed Josie when she invited them all back to her flat in a lunch hour. She got naked and invited all the guys to just use her; it was a free for all. It took a moment for the invite to sink in, and it started slow, but as soon as she was sitting on the floor wanking off 2 of them, and sucking a third, the rest got in the mood and they took turns on her mouth. She took most of them on all fours, getting fucked by all 6 of them all taking turns. Josie was a complete fucking cum slut, just for an hour. Half of the guys wonder if it actually really happened at all I think, and none of them would dare talk about it as most of them have wives and girlfriends. It just goes to show that even the strongest, seemingly well adjusted women have crazy moments where they just want to be surrounded by cock and covered in cum.

It comes as no surprise that most men would want to be one of those cocks, completely over powering a slut with thrusting and cum, fucking any part of her that was free, so why not talk about it with a slut on the phone who has actually done this sort of stuff, someone who actually has these wild, cock craving moments? Talk to a real slut who just cares about getting as many guys off as possible.

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